However, sober coaching from recovery service providers such as Transcend Recovery Community helps addicts address their issues and guide them to a path of permanent sobriety. All mentors focus on helping those undergoing recovery to make the right decisions to improve their lifestyle. Compared to mental health experts, mentors must understand various recovery pathways. However, a major similarity between mentors and other mental health providers is in implementing the 12-step programs [4]. It’s important to note that sober mentors are different from addiction therapists or counselors. Recovery from addiction is a transformative journey, and having the right support can make all the difference.

Recovery is Possible at Design for Recovery

Most sober living houses encourage residents to attend support groups regularly. While there are many options for support groups, 12-step meetings are the most widely utilized. These support groups offer residents a chance to expand their social support systems beyond the confines of their sober living facility. Meeting people in recovery from all walks of life throughout their city can be very healing. With so many mentors to choose from, a wealth of experience to learn from, and countless people holding you accountable, it is far easier to stay sober. Sober living homes are designed to be safe, supportive, and trigger-free environments for people in early addiction recovery.


Transcend currently has many locations in key cities from the East to West Coast, such as Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, to cater to the growing needs of people recovering from their addiction. Here are some of the numerous benefits of the services you’ll get from working with recovery and sober escorts or sober coaches. Mentorship programs aren’t the only option that can help you stay sober. There are other resources you can utilize in addition to a mentorship. He oversees outpatient drug and alcohol treatments, providing medical care, setting policies, detox protocols, and quality assurance measures.

Aftercare Options Offered at Nexus

Making a decision to go to an Al-Anon meeting can be as difficult for family members as deciding to go to A.A. Mentoring programs are designed to fit the needs of the individual. The Family Counselor is trained at addressing issues common to families dealing with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis. Once you have begun repairing past damages and developed a strong foundation of sobriety, you may find yourself thinking of the future.

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Benefits of Mentorship for People in Substance Use Recovery

We offer guidance and accountability for individuals in various phases of recovery. Evidence suggests that ongoing support is the most critical component marking an individual’s success in recovery, and a healthier and more meaningful life overall. We work with each Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House and every one of our clients to create an individualized approach toward continued wellness, in meeting the specific needs of our diverse clientele. A life or recovery coach also acts as a mentor for someone going through drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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One obstacle that many people face as they try to get sober is accountability. Many newly sober people won’t attend alone because they feel uncomfortable, or they have previous negative experience. Together, they will do reading and writing assignments, discuss the steps, read A.A.

  • This person helps guide you to be your best self as you walk through recovery.
  • Individuals who have been living at a sober living house longer are often entrusted with more responsibilities.
  • Knowing you don’t have to face your addiction alone can be a huge motivating force.
  • This method can be a dependable way to form more positive habits alongside outlets to engage the mind and cope with the everyday stresses of life.
  • When a person begins attending meetings, they can ask anyone to sponsor them.